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Via Dinarica BH-W-08 Neretva and Rakitnica Canyon to Lukomir village

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  • Boracko lake
    Boracko lake
    Photo: Adnan Bubalo, Via Dinarica
m 1500 1000 500 30 25 20 15 10 5 km Planinska kuća Natura As Lukomir Blatačko jezero Spring Neretva
This hiking trail connects Boracko lake with Lukomir village along the canyon of Rakitnica. It offers great views of an impressive canyon and brings you to old Bosnian villages.  
Distance 32.5 km
10:00 h
2,203 m
1,161 m
1,504 m
332 m
This section starts at Boracko lake and follows road to Glavaticevo for the first few kilometers. It crosses a suspension bridge over Neretva river and passes village Kasici on its way up to Sibenik and Kom rocky hills. Then it passes around below Sibenik and descends down to Rakitnica river to its confluence with Neretva.

If you plan on hiking this trail in two days, you can climb up Kom summit (left on T junction, close to Podkomlje village) where a medieval castle used to be located.

From the confluence, the trail climbs up towards the cliffs of Cepa and passes on its other side offering great views on Ostro (the Sharp) pinnacle and canyon.  A little later it comes above the village of Dubocani situated bellow the great Crows’ Rocks (Vranske stijene). It joins the road above the village, and follows it for the next couple of kilometers where it moves over pastures and ends in the oak and beech forest. In the forest, it goes straight up over pathless terrain and comes to the plateau above Crows’ Rocks. It passes by an old shepherd settlement (katun) where an elderly couple still graze their sheep flock and cultivate their garden in a very traditional way. The trail leaves the edge of the canyon and goes through the forest which ends in open pasture lands of southern Bjelasnica. The ruins of  Blace village are located close to the edge of the Rakitnica canyon. It reminds us of the horrors of the last war in this beautiful country.  The lake named after the village (or was it the opposite?) is just behind in the oval valley. It is already being consumed by swamp vegetation where some wetland bird species can be spotted.  From Blace, the trail climbs up to Markovac and Lisac summits. On the other side of the canyon you can see Dzamija (the Mosque), which is the highest summit of Visocica mountain with its 1967 m. The trail will follow the edge to the beech forest, will move for a bit inside the wods, and then back to the canyon, now crossing the southern slopes of Mount Lovnica. Around Lovnica, trail brings you to the highest Bosnian village – Lukomir. This stage ends here. Here you’ll have a chance to experience life as it was once upon a time all over the Bosnian and Herzegovinian highlands, but also how civilization is easily taking over.  

Author’s recommendation

Ask your host at Boracko to give you a ride to the suspension bridge on Neretva. This saved hour will mean a lot later on in this long hiking day. 

Also, I recommend to take a dip in the ice-refreshing Rakitnica ;-)

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Update: September 21, 2017
Highest point
Lisac, 1,504 m
Lowest point
Confluence of Rakitnica and Neretva, 332 m
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Track types

Asphalt 17.49%Path 74.11%Road 8.39%
5.7 km
24.1 km
2.7 km
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Rest stops

Ljetna bašta Restaurant
Mountain house Natura AS

Safety information

Mind your step on difficult terrain and watch for snakes when reaching with your hands or sitting on the grass in the shade.

The mountain rescue service is reached by calling 112.

Tips and hints

Hendrik Morkel: Ridge Walking on the Via Dinarica


Boracko lake (416 m)
43.550924, 18.036939
43°33'03.3"N 18°02'13.0"E
34T 260648 4826263
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Lukomir village

Turn-by-turn directions

Follow the asphalt road towards Glavaticevo. After Bukovica cottages, you will find a suspension bridge over the Neretva. Cross the bridge and follow the road on the other side which will bring you to Kasici village. In Kasici, turn right and follow the track going uphill passing by the cemetery. At the top (T junction), go left and follow the trail down to Rakitnica bridge. When approaching confluence, keep right and get to the view point above the confluence. Now trail goes up, crosses the ridge and follows the eastern slopes of Cepa towards the north. When you join the road, go left and on the pass continue on the road going right uphill. Follow the road till you reach  a somewhat rocky pasture and leave the road at this point. The trail now goes along the forest or bush line which is the border of the pasture lands. This will bring you to the point where the trail turns right into the forest, and through the forest up to the plateau. From now, the trail mainly follows the canyon edge, sometimes moving away but coming to the edge again. After descending from Lisac, and getting to the beech forest a couple hundred meters away from the edge, you need to go right in order to re-join the canyon and the trail leading to Lukomir. When in the village, just go up to the central location and there is a water fountain and small restaurant / bar. The next stage of the trail starts at the south-eastern corner of the village close by the Stecci necropolis and guesthouse.   


all notes on protected areas

Public transport

"Bjelimici Bus"- +387 36 737 009 (try to book your seat and agree on a pick-up location)


Bjelimići - Konjic - Sarajevo  (except weekends) u 8,00 h  (sunday 15,00)

Bjelimići - Glavatičevo - Konjic (mon-fri)  at 13,30 h (contracted)
Konjic - Glavatičevo - Bjelimići (mon-fri) at 6,10 h (contracted)
Sarajevo -Konjic - Bjelimići (except sundays) at 14,00

Getting there

Turn left in Konjic and follow the signs to Boracko lake. 

If not hiking from the previous stage, drive straight to the suspension bridge. The first few kilometers of asphalt road do not make for a pleasant hike. 


It is possible to park by the suspension bridge. Also, parking can be found at Boracko lake. 


43.550924, 18.036939
43°33'03.3"N 18°02'13.0"E
34T 260648 4826263
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

Book recommendation by the author

Author’s map recommendations (Note that this trail is not shown on this map)


Standard hiking equipment. 

As water is available mainly from wells, a water filter is recommended. 

If you take this stage in two days, camping equipment is needed. 

Questions and answers

Question from Sandra Hegglin · April 22, 2022 · Community
Hallo Wenn ich diese Etappe in zwei Tagen absolvieren möchte, wo würde es ev. eine Übernachtungsmöglichkeit geben?
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Harry Brown
June 28, 2022 · Community
Found this stage beautiful but difficult, took 14 hours from boracko lake with breaks - try to get a lift in the morning to avoid road walking. Make sure to bring enough water. Spring before Vranske stijene hard to find but it is there, follow the trail markers (roughly:: 43°35'52.9"N 18°04'05.3"E). Had water on 27.06 but had to climb into the cave thing to get it - a lot easier than it sounds. I wouldn't rely on blace lake for water refill (lots of algae/pondweed). Got accomdation at Lukomir very easily (didn't book).
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Laura Wheat
June 28, 2022 · Community
Hiked the whole section in one day and it was tough! We walked from our campsite at the lake and took 14.5 hours (including about 90 mins worth of breaks). Advise you to carry as much water as you can, especially if its a hot day, me and my partner both drank over 5 litres each! Regarding technical difficulty - Im afraid of heights and found this section to be fine, the section on the ridge of Cepa isnt so bad (potentially feels less exposed on summer when the trees have lots of leaves on), there are two 3 metre sections with cables to assist where it is a little steeper, but I felt fine walking along the ridge. After this section the path gets much easier and less exposed for the whole route. We took a shortcut to the lake rather than ascending up to crow cliff as it was too hot and we wanted to make it to Lukomir by the end of the day. Just stay on the gravel road rather than turning right up the hill and it eventually joins back up at Blace lake. Finding the spring just before Crow cliff was challenging but we persisted and managed to refil our bottles (did require some climbing into the well, but definitely worth it in 30° weather). When you see the Voda sign (painted on a rock) head up the hill at 2 o'clock angle and you'll eventually see it (there are trail markers leading to it). Its a long day all the way to Lukomir but the thought of a shower and sleep in a guesthouse was worth it!
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Jonas Skogdalen 
June 27, 2022 · Community
The trail is for the most part nice, but very tecnical. I got a lift from the guy in the restaurant in top of the shop. from boracko Jezero to the brigde and hiked from there. Took me 10 hours and was very demanding. I tok 6l of water which in the late june heat lasted me perfectly all the way. Make sure you are well rested before atempting this hike. Most of the signs have been fixed and the trail seems to be in a lot better shape. Demanding climb tho, but never felt in any kind of danger, even tho one is pretty exposed a lot of the time.
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32.5 km
10:00 h
2,203 m
1,161 m
Highest point
1,504 m
Lowest point
332 m
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